Posted by: caryandjohn | December 8, 2011

Old Timers Dance

The San Francisco Motorcycle Club held its annual Old Timers Dance on Saturday, December 3, 2011 …


Cary and John …

The theme of this year’s dance was “Pirates!”

12_03_2011 037

We danced! The other pirate is Dean Chowenhill, from the Oakland Motorcycle Club, whose son, David Chowenhill, raced against me on a Kawasaki EX500 with the AFM in the 1990s …

12_03_2011 035

Lisa and Kalle …

12_03_2011 033

SFMC President, Librarian and Historian, Brian Holm with OMC member Super Suz!

12_03_2011 025

Some of the gang: Hoa, Suma, me, Prospect Suzy and party planner and Jersey Girl Caroline …


Nicole Murphy, Clay Murphy, Aiden Myrphy and Sarah Jane Murphy …


Saucy wenches Cary and Caroline …


Cabin boys Ben and Tucker …


Red Fred’s 1936 Indian Chief …


Old Timers Papa, Red Fred and me …


Brian Holm, Kevin Holm and Ethan Holm, winners of the Best Costume contest!

12_03_2011 042

12_03_2011 031

And a couple of more of the prettiest girl at the party, for Flo!

See you on the bounding main …



  1. Aye Maties!!! Look great especially the leather pants, John. Look like everyone was into the costumes and having a great time. one more week of school and then 2 weeks off. We are so looking forward to moving in and fixing up the house. All is good. Loved your card and spending time with you in Canfield. The pics are really good. Love to both of you. xxoxoxmom and Lori

  2. Hi Flo,

    The pants definitely look better on Grant … ha!

    Hope Grandmom’s cake tuned out well … Give Lori and Grant a hug from us, and good luck with the move!

    Love, Cary and John

  3. Hi Guys! I am making our online newsletter (my new thing that I am into instead of paper newsletters) and you guys are linked in it. Your blog rocks and so do these photos. Great night with y’all. Suz

  4. Hi Suz,
    That was a fun dance, it was great to see you, Dean and all the OMC people decked out!
    Looking forward to checking out your newsletter …
    See you soon,
    — John A.

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