Posted by: caryandjohn | September 1, 2011

AFM Races, 8/26-27/2011


Cary had AFM races on Saturday and Sunday … We pitted with our friends (and Zoom-Zoom instructors) Lisa and Jay, and Rachel and Sean, under the canopy by the snack bar.

It was in the high 90s, with a nice breeze both days. Cary had a bit of a tough weekend having been ill on Thursday and Friday … Also, her new leathers were giving her issues as she struggled to get them broken in …

We also had issues with the 1990 Honda VTR 250, which was not pulling cleanly above 12,000 rpms (red line is 14,000!).

We put it on Kevin Murray’s dyno, for $60, and found out it was way too lean, so we modified the air-box to restrict the flow of air to match the 115 Kehn jets in the stock carbs … Which worked well …






Cary has another race in two weeks, and we have some work to do to the bike: jetting and airbox issues and a new chain and bigger rear sprocket … We’re hopeful she can get back to her fast times at Thunderhill …

She was running low 2:30s for most of the weekend, well off her usual pace, although she did get into the high 2:20s in her 250 Production race to end the weekend on a high note …


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