Posted by: caryandjohn | August 31, 2011

Billy Peck’s BMW

Our friend, Billy Peck, “slipped off” his BMW R-100 late Sunday night … Cary and I saw him Monday afternoon, and learned that he had broken six ribs and his collarbone and shoulder-blade, all painful injuries …

We got his driver’s license so we could try to get his bike out of impound as soon as possible. Mike Ofiesh and I collector the bike on Tuesday morning, and, $400 later, had it back in Billy’s shop at West Coast Powder-coating.





He came off the bike at Hwy 101 and Produce Ave. in South San Francisco, a tight 360 deg. exit … The bike looks fairly fixable, with a broken lower shock-mount and smashed gauges being the worst damage …

Mike O was a great help, basically talking the bike out of lockup by chatting up the guys at San Mateo Auto Salvage and establishing that we were trustworthy … Turns out Mike went to high-school with the same people …

Anyway, Billy will make a full recovery … He is in ward 4D at the General …


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