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Priest Valley, Saturday, 5/14/2011

Priest Valley Tavern on 198 between King City and Coalinga

Priest Valley Tavern on 198 between King City and Coalinga

We left Oakhurst after a good breakfast that Mike made for us. We said our goodbyes to Mike, Dennis and Dominic, broke camp, loaded up our river bags with our tents and sleeping bags and threw the river bags in the back of Dennis’s truck … Thanks Dennis!

I looked at a map, and Kalle had been in touch with Tegan and Chuck about where to meet the gang, who were all trying to hook up with the Pasadina Motorcycle Club‘s Greenhorn Rally.

Remembering that the Priest Valley Tavern appeared to be open the last time I was on 198, I suggested trying to meet the rally there … Kalle got on his smartphone and found the Tavern’s web page, which also looked promising.

So. We decided to ride there and see if they were open, and wait for the gang …

After we broke camp, we went to the hotel to watch the Indian and Harley guys ride off on their Saturday ride, and then we kicked our motorcycles to life and hightailed out of town on Rt 41. We made a right on Road 400 at Coarsegold and a left on Road 415, which took us past Hensley Lake, where we stopped at the day use area and looked at our maps or GPS. We crossed the valley to Firebaugh and took Rt 33 south to Derrick Road and on into Coalinga where we picked up 198 and had a nice ride across to Priest Valley.

The Priest Valley Tavern was open and we met the owners Mike and Lillie and Carlos and a new baby girl … They purchased the Tavern in the fall of 2009, and it took four months to get it ready to open for business, so they’ve been there for about a year. Mike is a motorcycle guy and has a 1997 Harley-Davidson sitting in the restaurant …

We had a nice time hanging out with the family, and we ordered some food which was good  (cheeseburgers, yumm). Just as we had finished ordering, we heard a Ducati Monster roar by, with SFMC member Darryl at the controls …  he saw our bikes and turned around and joined us for lunch, which was a treat because he’s been living in LA recently, going to school.

The Pasadina crew rolled in eventually, and after some more hanging out, we all headed off to the Harris Ranch, near I-5, where we all had motel reservations. There were about 50 riders on the Greenhorn Rally, so the parking lot was full of bikes, and Pasadina had a checkpoint set up in the parking lot, too.

The club had a nice turn out with Kalle and I, Tegan and Chuck, Tucker and his girl, Santa Bob and new member Ben, and Gary and Linda Magee, and Papa and Sherri Schiller …

The Pasadina Motorcycle Club check-point for the Greenhorn Rally

The Pasadina Motorcycle Club check-point for the Greenhorn Rally

Eighteen of us invaded the Harris Ranch for a steak dinner, which was very good. One of the woman Harley riders got drunk in the bar and started picking on some of the other women Harley riders, accusing them of not being real bikers. She wound up visiting the Fresno County Jail until monday.

The next morning was sunny, but rain was in the forcast. Kalle and I headed west on 198 for the $3 breakfast at the Priest Valley Tavern. Mike told us they were planning on having live music on June 3rd, so it may be fun to check that out. There is an old dance hall next to the Tavern and a fair amount of grass to set up tents …

Route 25 towards Hollister was a bit rainy … we stopped and put on our rain gear well before we got wet. We also found some roads that got us to Los Gatos and the beginning of Rt 9 and Rt 35 without having to use 101 at all. We .were keeping the speed down to about 50 mph. We stopped at Alice’s Restaurant and then made the final push home. We were tired, so tired in fact that Kalla almost filled his oil tank with gas … Ha.

We got the San Francisco Motorcycle Club in time to watch som MotoGP on the big screen.

MotoGP at the clubhouse, and lots of good food. Yay for Cary!

MotoGP at the clubhouse, and lots of good food. Yay for Cary!

Cary had knocked herself out making wonderful chicken wings, a cassarol, and lots of good munchies. It was good to give her a hug after being away!

All in all, it was a great ride … can’t wait until next year!

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