Posted by: caryandjohn | April 10, 2011

New tires for the reserected Honda VTR 250

1990 Honda VTR 250, stripped for new tires

1990 Honda VTR 250, stripped for new tires

Cary and I finished buttoning up the VTR 250 today, having picked the bike up from the Dyno Jet “rolling road” style dynomiter at Werkstatt on Friday … Jen and the gang at Werkstatt helped us re-jet the CV carbs on the Honda, to accomodate the slip on Supertrapp muffler. The slip-on should allow us the get more air pumped through the engine.

The bike dynoed at 28 horsepower, and the time was well spent as the bike was way too lean …

On Sunday we headed up to Marin County to buy some Bridgestone tires from Jeff Viets of Viets Performance, the area Bridgestone distributor. Cary had fun keeping an eye on Jeff’s five-year-old, Justin … it was very kind of Jeff to open up his shop for us on a Sunday …

Jeff was a wonderful person to deal with, giving us a great price on tires, in addition to helping us figgure out which size tires to use on the VTR. The problem in racing a 20 year old bike is that tech marches on. The VTR was designed to run bias-ply tires. Most modern motorcycle roadracing tires are now a radial design, which requires wider rims for the tires much smaller sidewall …

Anyway, the Perellis we considered were much more expensive and required a much wider rim, than the Bridgestones … 150 to 120 …

We wound up putting a front tire on the rear wheel, because it was one of the few 120 tires available.

So, it’s looking lile we’re going to have an outing with the AFM next weekend!


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