Posted by: caryandjohn | May 4, 2010

County Roads thru Clear Creek …

Warning sign on Clear Creek Rd

Warning sign on Clear Creek Rd

Hi all,

Cary and I rode the KLRs this weekend down to Mercey Hot Springs for the night … but we took the hard way, via recently re-opened San Benito County roads that had been “secretly” closed prior to the Board of Supervisor’s recent vote to defy the Beaura of Land Managment, who wanted the COUNTY roads to remain closed to avoid “confusing the public.” Ha. The BLM simply did not want people like Cary and I on our KLRs to enjoy this beautiful part of California. Kalle and I had been through this way in November ’09, and did not realize that we were risking a $300 ticket for riding on a “closed” road. Granted, we may have passed a “road closed” sign, BUT, we certainly did not come across any gates or signs saying we’d get a $300 ticket simply for riding through … anyway, Clear Creek OHV area is on either side of Clear Creek Road, and the OHV area is closed because of asbestos. It’s a land grab, because it IS a beautiful area, and motorcyclists don’t deserve 30,000 acres to ride in …

The photo shows Cary with the newly installed “Asbestos Warning” sign San Benito County put last week to open the county road. I don’t know why the county closed a county road, and San Benito didn’t either, especially when the economically strapped county figgured out they were loosing a lot of tourist money thanks to the BLM’s “emergency closure” of Clear Creek OHV area.

Water crossing on Clear Creek Road

Water crossing on Clear Creek Road

Anyway, it’s a great place, and gives us an adventerous way to ride to Mercey Hot Springs, which we did. Here is Cary negotiating one of the many water crossings on Clear Creek Road.

Old Hernandez Road water crossing

Old Hernandez Road water crossing

Here is another water crossing, on Old Hernandez Road, on the way to Clear Creek Road. Keeping your feet off the pegs is the way to go! Yay.

Brown's Valley Road

Brown's Valley Road

We had a wonderful time on Saturday, but it took us all day long to get to Mercey Hot Springs. We met a bunch of guys from ADV Rider and South Bay Riders who were also going to be camping at Mercey on top of the ridge at 4 pm! We went down through New Idria (ONE of the old mines in this area that made the 30,000 acres a Superfund site and a “wasteland” which is how it was set aside as an area to ride off-road motorcycles, etc.) and visited with our friends Maxine and Kevin who own a small ranch in the Panoche Valley, where we had a nice visit with Maxine’s sister Kim and Kevin’s nephew Jamie and a bunch of other nice folk. By the time we’d gotten gas on I-5 and got back to Mercey it was 9pm! We had a nice time meeting Scott, Chris, Todd, Tony, Doug and Sharon, who brought THE BOMB chocolate cake. We got a soak at about 10:30 pm and were soon off to our little cabin. We slept and soaked in the next day, before heading out to try Brown’s Valley road, which is were this photo was taken. Todd had a few other dirt roads in the area that we’ll have to check out soon!

I’m trying to simply post photos in the blog update, we’ll see how they look … I usually use the thumbnail thing …



  1. It was great to meet you guys! You’re always welcome to stop by when you find youselves in Panoche. -kw

  2. Great update, sounds like a great time was had.

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