Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

To Palmdale and Campo Ojai 12/19-20/2009

OK, so. Well fed, thanks Kyle, and rested, we headed off to breakfast (Heuvos Rancheros) at the little store at the turn-off for Mercy Hot Springs and Hwy 25. From there we took 198 to Coalinga to Hwy 33 to Taft, up the Grapevine and east to Palmdale, where we rode into the dark for an hour or so to the Motel 6, where I managed to leave my cell phone charger when we left the next day.

The Weather Channel still predicted a rain-free week. Cary told me not to worry about my lack of rain-mits (although she’d been wearing her’s all day for warmth) because I “probably won’t need them.” Ha.

In order to meet Chuck and Tegan needed to head south, quick. So the next morning, after a big breakfast and forgetting my cell phone charger it was into the mountains and cold towards I-15 and Cajon Pass. Brrr. We roared down I-15 at a gearing and tire-saving 65 mph, trying not to get run over. At Hwy 76 we headed east past Mt. Palomar in order to bypass San Diego and come at Tecate from the east after crossing I-8.

We crossed the boarder at around 4 p.m. after getting money changed. No tourist visa for us this time since we didn’t plan on getting further south than Baja Sur. That saved time and $30 or so … I’d read about Rancho Ojai just east of Tecate as being a place to stay. They had cabins with heat. “Robert” at the officina eyeballed us doubtfully, and quoted $67 for a night in a cabin without a bath or linnen. Or $22 to camp. I left it up to Cary and she said we’d camp, whereupon Robert gave us a cabin for $22 because “it’s cold tonight.” Thanks Robert! We cooked Tasty Bite and coffee on my new $100 Jet-Boil. Bliss.


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