Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

Santa Cruz and Beyond? 12/18-19/2009

I managed to find my passport and the year-long Mexico auto liability policy from our last trip that was still good, but managed to forget my wonderful gortex rain-mittens which were inexplicably not in either of my tank bags … my passport was, inexplicably, in one of the tank bags, which means that my thourogh search of the apartment was useless, and that I’ve been riding around with my passport in an easily lost, stolen and non-waterproof location for months and months. Idiot!

Cary decided to try out her new-to-her Kawasaki KLR 650 that she recently purchased from Kalle by riding down Route 1 to Santa Cruz so that we could visit our friend Kyle and visit his huge hot tub! Yay. We left our packing to the very last thing, which may explain why I forgot my rain mits, even though I was worried about the weather, specifically getting rained on. And being cold and wet. Ugh.

The passport thing was a bit of an afterthought, because I was pessimistic about the possibility of riding down to Baja California to maybe spending Christmas with Tegan and Chuck, who were planning on being in San Louis Gonzaga Bay, and were going to bring their dogs, Rosa and Belle, in their truck with its new-to-them camper …

So we did a bit under 100 miles to Santa Cruz and got to Kyle’s around 8pm. Cary’s recently Werkstatt-fettled KLR ran flawlessly … Thanks, Jen!

Kyle and his roomate Clint promptly served us the best dinner we were to have on what turned out to be an over 2100 mile trip. Kyle put a rub on a roast that he carved up into steaks, and they were the best steaks I’ve ever had grilled. Cary had a soak in Kyle’s huge hot tub both before and after dinner and promptly fell soundly asleep at 9 pm … I watched the Weather Channel, rejoiced in a clear five-day forcast and promptly joined Cary in snoozing away the wonderful dinner …


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