Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

Palmdale to Parkfield! 12/28-29/09

It was up through Gorman and Fraizer Park to the Carrizo Plain the next morning. Clear but so cold we were afraid there would be ice in the shadows on the way down from Frazer Park. Cold. Ouch.

We were looking down into wat looked like tule fog when we crested the mountains and looked down into the San Joquin Valley. Hmm. Should we risk the dirt in the Carrizo Plain? Might be cold and muddy. Well? Yes, we shall. I got lost but we were redirected by a man out with his young son and wife on XT250s …

The weather cleared up on the Elkhorn Road, which was spectacular. Can’t wait to go back there and explore more. We ran up Bitterwater Road to Parkfield at 4:30 where Cary ran into the Cafe to ask about a room. $90. Sounds like us. And what delux place. Big bed, nice funiture, flat screen TV, Dish Network, a stuffed bear! Wow. We had steak for dinner (no as good as Kyle’s steak) and dessert. It rained in the night. Where are my rain-mits? Curses!


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