Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

Coco, Catavina and Mama Espinoza … 12/25-27/09

We spent Christmas morning with Coco at his compound at “Coco’s Corner” after blasting down the sandy rocky road south of the bay. It was a gorgeous day, clear, bright and warm.

We chatted with Coco, had Cokes and beers so we could leave him some money, and Tegan provided him with some wonderful Christmas chocolate. Coco was in good spirits and looked well, getting around with alacrity, considering. We finished the road to Laguna Chalapa, with Chuck right on our tail, drifting the Ford in the turns. We aired up at the little cantina/llaterina and were off on Rt 1 north.

We had lunch at Santa Inez, saying “hi” to Matilda, who had purple hair for Christmas. Matilda made us each a combination plate lunch, with machaca tacos. Yum.

We got to Mama Espinoza’s by 4 pm and had the place to ourselves, since it was Friday night. We got rooms 1 & 2 so Chuck could park the truck in front of the room and we could enjoy the nice little courtyard in front of those rooms, which are heated by wood stoves.

Tegan got out the cards and we played Crazy 8s until it was time to enjoy Queselongosta and Burritos Longosta, which dripped butter when bitten. Yum. A wonderful way to spend Christmas.

We bid Chuck, Tegan, Rosa and Belle a fond farewell after thanking them for their hospitality and generally providing us with civilzation at the palapas They were off to San Quitin for breakfast at a panderia before crossing the border to spend quality time with Chuck’s in-laws in Orange County.

Cary and I spent another beautiful day at Mama Espinosa’s, enjoying more of the fantastic food and our comfortable room after three nights in the tent in Gonzaga Bay. I rode the bike to Punta Baja, about ten miles away, while Cary relaxed and made some Christmas calls and e-mails.



  1. The woman are hot!

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