Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

Christmas on the Beach! 12/22-25/09

The next day I got up early and found Chuck and Tegan on the beach. We had breakfast after the first batch of eggs were ruined by blowing sand. An omen of things to come of the next 24 hours.

Tegan took the blowing sand in stride, while Chuck and I put up tarps around the palapa and moved the truck and bikes to help block the wind. We set up chairs, strung Christmas lights, gathered wood for a campfire and generally were scoured by huge clouds of sand blowing off the dry lake by the west wind that Chuck estimated was gusting to 35 mph.

We started to make alternate plans. Retreat to San Filipe? I, however, predicted confidently, that the wind would die down at sunset.

Which it did, so I could set up our tent.

It promply started to howl again most of the night, and when it stopped blowing the roaring of our tarps stopped, and woke me up.

One thing we’ve learned about the weather in Baja, however, is that it is never the same. Don’t like it? Wait a minuite, it’ll change. Which it did, continually getting nicer until on Christmas eve we could launch Chuck’s Avon inflatable boat and tour the bay. Yay. Tegan made us her famous Chille Rellenos, and great coffee, and generally kept us happy and well fed through Christmas.

The bay was incredibly beautiful, with stars, sunrises and sunsets, birds and fish … and a scorpion that made an appearance as we were getting ready to start heading north …

I’d been in touch with Suz of the Oakland Motorcycle Club, who was going to be down in Baha the same time as we were, and we left her notes at Alfonsina’s and in Coco’s book at Coco’s corner, but we missed her. She has a bit of a blog entry at
Check her out!


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