Posted by: caryandjohn | January 1, 2010

The Compadre Trail and Night Death Blitz to Alfonsina’s 12/20-21

The next morning we headed off after forgetting my cell phone charger at Rancho Ojai … or was it in Palmdale? Oh well … we made a right of Libre 2 at the sign for Ojo Negros, aired our Dunlop 606s down to 20 lbs, and headed south on the Compadre Trail or Milk Run, a nice, remote grated dirt road that bypassed Ensenada bringing us out on Hwy 3 at around 1 pm.

It had taken us about four hours to do the 90 or so miles of fast dirt due to Cary’s KLR’s instant munching of her stock-location license plate. Right at the first Military Check point. Took us about an hour to find the silly plate up by her swingarm, and to go through the military checkpoint twice (they had seen me at the same time Cary noticed the plate issue). Had to show them the contents of the same well-strapped Givi Bag twice.

I told Cary not to worry about the plate becuase she had the registration and a copy of the title. “But they are not in my name, the bike is still in the name of the guy Kalle got the bike from since we didn’t go to DMV yet!” Oops. Fortunately the plate turned up mashed up under the fender as soon as we stopped looking for it in the road after an hour. Yay.

We got to San Filipe at 2:30 pm and were on the road south at 3 pm after a lunch at the big Pemex north of town. Leaving us two hours to get to Alfonsina’s to meet Chuck and Tegan. I had my doubts but Cary was determined, so off we went.

I figgured we could stop and camp if it got dark, since I was schleping 40 pounds of food, water and camping gear. Ha. Fish tacos were calling one of us. But, Baja in dark = bad, BAD.

We were shocked how far the paved road had pushed south since March when we’d last been this way. Which was good in a way because we were running late, but bad in that the beautiful unpaved road was irretrivably lost to progress.

It got dark, but Cary was in front, and I could not catch her so we could stop. We got to Alfonsina’s after running 40 mph in the dark for an hour. But all was forgiven when I got my plate of fish tacos. Yay.



  1. Great ride do u have garmin gps for the trip we are going Oct 19 love to do it

  2. Hi Ron,
    Wish I were going with you … Sorry, no GPS yet … Just the AAA paper Baja map. Enjoy your trip!
    — Cary & John

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