Posted by: caryandjohn | February 17, 2009

More from Hotel Posada

Hi All,

John here. We’ve had a great few days here in San Ignacio at Hotel Posada {one of the many wonderful places that Casey taught the SFMC about on the many trips he took us on in years past}.

Ernesto at Hotel Posada remembered the SFMC and Casey, and has been a kind host to us during our KLR-extended stay. Twenty bucks per night for a clean room with hot showers. Plus the place has charm. Joy.

So. About the ride from Bay of LA to El Arco. I think a few of you may be thinking of heading south this way on the dirt. Here are the particulars: it is about 108 miles from the Pemex in BofLA to El Arco. Cary & I took the gravel road from there, which, with the 30 miles to Punta San Francisquito, put us at 184 miles to the Pemex in Viscaino. You all would probably cut south through the sand to Viscaino and save about 22 miles. Should be about 135 miles from BofLA to Pemex in Viscaino.

Now: About the road south from BofLA.

It is rocky like the road south of Peruertocitos for about 20 miles, through classic deserto de giantes landscape. As you approach Campo San Rafael they have been grading the road recently and it is in great shape to the westward turn at El Progresso. Follow the well-traveled road and make a hard RH turn when you see a rancho on the left. It is the second big intersection you come to after the big climb with the 180 degree switch-back {the first intersection looks less-used and knarly}. If you get to a sign lying in the dirt that says San Francisquito, you have missed the turn, turn around and go back.

This next section west to El Arco is recently graded sand. How recent? We passed the road-grader! There are some long sandy sections that were a bit of a chore on the heavy KLR, but Cary had no problem. If it is raining, all bets are off, but if not, lots of beautiful stuff to see, and you should be able to make good time, not get into any trouble, and avoid Guerro Negro and the long flat windy paved sections south thereof. Beautiful, beautiful … joy.

So. About progress with the blown shock on the KLR. I put out a distress signal to Chuck, Prospect Jen and Kalle, and turns out Chuck has a used KLR shock in his garage, Chuck found a $40 shock on Craig’s list, Jen can get a $460 fancy shock from Progressive, and Kalle told me not to worry about it there would be a solution on the support truck in Mulege! Yay! What great supportive motorcycle pals. Joy.

Today I spent all day changing the lightbulb in Cary’s bike. Can’t wait to see how long it takes me to do a KLR shock-ectomy. Ha.

We’ll keep you posted …


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