Posted by: caryandjohn | January 21, 2009

On and off road to Ridgecrest

What an awesome day of riding! We did part on-road, part off road across the valley from Santa Margarita. The Carizzo Plain has some on road off road riding that was beautiful and expansive. By far the best though was the off-road pass across this part private, gated cattle area that we took over and down into Tehachape [Comanche ‘something’ road- John will have to fill in the blanks here].. This was incredible- with not one car of course – and green and rocky terrain covering everything… The road was in good shape with the lack of rain lately, and so I was feeling pretty confident – a good warm up to Death Valley and Baja..
The day clock us in at about 178 miles, getting into Ridgecrest around 6:30 or so.. We stayed at the Motel 6 and ordered pizza.. really a great day…
I’m posting from the Ridgecrest public library, where we’ll leave from to go over into Death Valley. signing off for now. cary



  1. Hey Guys-
    Hope all is going well for you!
    We are really jealous and are looking forward to hearing all your stories when we see you in Baja!

    Tegan & her wagon

  2. Just reading about your stay near Mulege…I am so glad that you and Liz will spend some time together. She is probably in LA now; she is spending the night at a hotel about 1/2 mile from airport.

    Glad you will be at airport to greet her on Friday. She is looking forward to the trip. She said she would be on the blog for me to view.

    Love, Aunt Nancy

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