Posted by: caryandjohn | January 17, 2009

Ready to go …

The bikes are packed and we should be ready to head south by around 10 am tomorrow … We put a new front axel on Cary’s 1995 Suzuki DR350 [which used to be Baja Benny’s bike], because the old one was a bit bent [thanks, Jen!], and I put the short windscreen on the 2001 Kawasaki KLR650 [which used to be Bicycle Phil’s bike] so I would not break the tall one in the dirt … I put the stock seat on, too, because it is narrower than the Corbin, and I can get my feet down more easily.

We took some pics of the packed bikes, but left the camera cable in a tank bag in the garage, so I’ve posted some pics from my Baja trip with Slim, and Prospects Jen and Page last New Year’s. I wanted to learn who to post pics to the blog, so using old Baja pics was my solution. Cary is rolling her eyes. Anywho. The scorpion was in the motel room in San Ignacio, and was about as big as my thumb. We should be seeing San Filipe and the road south to Gonzaga Bay and Alfonsina’s in about two weeks, if all goes well …

We will probably camp out in Hollister on Sunday night, because Phil, Dave Peckham and Kalla are planning on dirt bike riding there on Monday, so we’ll get to hang out with them in the a.m., and then head down to see my ol’ Jersey pal Larry Kahn in Santa Margarita Monday evening …

Baja Benny gave us a Baja Camping book to take with us, which was very nice of him … I’ve heard that Slim and Frank & Cathy are out; but Benny was talking about maybe being there in March, so we’ll see … Paige may be passing through Baja in February, too, so we may see her there, too …

Can’t wait! Yay!



  1. Have a great trip!! It’s 10ºF here, and I’d rather be in Baja than in Princeton tonight.

  2. have a great time, love the front page photo!
    Ready with my truck if need be.

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