Posted by: caryandjohn | January 16, 2009

Last SFMC meeting before our Departure!

Progress! I fixed my Thermarest matress, which I’ve owned for about twenty years after finding it on top of one of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, which was good … but it has leaked the whole time …bad, or as we say in Baja, mal.

Kalle mentioned that you could fix that problem if you tired, so today I fixed it. Cary took a photo of the flat Thermarest and the fixin’s which photo is at the top of the last post. Anyway, after being to Alaska, Sheetiron, Death Valley [the photo of Cary & I at the top of the Blog is from Death Valley ’08], Baja, Baja, Sheetiron, and Alaska, I’m going to have a matress that isn’t flat in the a.m. Yay. I may NOW even be able to fix all the holes in my riding suit, too … apparently, we have the technology.

We had our last SFMC meeting tonight before the big trip, and Chuck turned me on to these cool National Geographic Maps of Baja, which have much more detail than the AAA maps, and we got them today. Something to look at during the meeting. We’ve had dinner with Stephanie and Steve to check out their new Chuihaha/terrier puppie, had dinner with Chuck & Tegan so I could check out their cool home in West Oakland, and had a wonderful dinner tonight with Prospect Paige so Paige could give us all the 411 about her latest Baja trip [last week] and give us all the hot tips that all the cool people know about in Baja. Go Paige. Anywho, Cary is of course all packed, while I’m playing with the blog she set up. First things first.

I’ll have tomorrow to pack & we’ll pack the bikes. They are running great after being massaged by Prospect Jen at Workstat. New chains & sprockets, new tires, tune ups, oil, spare parts … we filled the bikes with gas, and talked with Kyle and Larry about visiting in Santa Cruz and Santa Margarita on our way to Death Valley. Santa Bob, Cliff, Greg and a few others are going to ride their streetbikes down to Death Valley too, so we should make a pretty good group. Plus we’ll get to see Slim, Clay, James, Prospects Johnny & Jen and others at Hollister on Sunday.

The meeting tonight was fun, and Kalle gave me a sleeping bag to use instead of the one I have that is only good for 40 degrees … ouch. Kalle’s is good to 15 so I’m going to be a much happier camper, thanks to him … Thanks Kalle.

O.K. Anyway. Time to think about strapping all this stuff to the bikes … ahh!



  1. hey guys,
    i got your phone call Cary. You xound great. looked up Ridge Crest. The gateway to Death Valley National Pa . Sounds scary. 🙂
    it says it is surrounded by four mountain ranges; the Sierra Nevada on the west, the Cosos on the north, the Argus Range on the east, and the El Paso Mountains on the south. Sounds beautiful.
    Hope to keep beating the rain. xxoxo mom and Lori

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